Graphical Comparison of Extrasolar Planets

Site News and Updates

1/17/2013Added a new sorting option for planet temperature (computed from stellar luminosity and semi-major axis).
1/9/2013Added option for planets that orbit at least partially in the habitable zone.
1/4/2013Added some more filter options.
1/3/2013Modified sorting interface to include sort order.
12/20/2012The graphs are now built on the client-side, enabling faster downloading.
12/4/2012All filter functionality is restored.
11/29/2012Restored automatic updates and some filter functionality.
11/21/2012Re-built the site. The previous version broke due to a new data format at The Extrasolar Planet Encyclopedia. The new format is excellent, and I decided to rebuild the site without a database. I will be re-implementing sort and filter abilities in the coming weeks.
12/9/2010The default view now shows ALL planets. The reason this was not done previously was the sheer bandwidth this required. The HTML was 2.29 megabytes in size. More than half of this was used to render the scale bars. I now use Javascript to write the scale bar once and copy it hundreds of times on the client-side. The HTML is now only 900 kilobytes. Much better!
12/4/2010Stopped the multi-planet filter from being active when unchecked. Re-enabled the dynamic scale.
12/3/2010Added a text search box. I also redesigned the database schema. This allows me a little more flexibility in how these stars and planets are represented internally. Eventually this will allow me to do fancy things like show binary stars. I had to re-add all the systems and I'm still working out kinks, so bear with me if things seem a bit screwy for a few days.
11/17/2010Updated the News section to allow longer updates. Long news items are now truncated on the main page if they are too long to display. Also added a "General Astronomy" section to the Links page.
11/13/2010Made some small page layout changes; Added new links
10/26/2010Fixed incorrect sorting
10/11/2010Added planet/system count and date database updated
10/6/2010Added 'Planets added in last week' notification.
9/28/2010Sped up retrieval of star and planet data (i.e. page load time).
9/26/2010Reconfigured database to support multiple data sources and data archival.
9/15/2010Added 'News Archive' page; Expanded 'About' page; Added brown dwarf icon; Modified scale to include 'A.U.'
9/14/2010Added 'Site News' box; Added 'Links' and 'About' pages

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